Andrew is a highly experienced designer and leader of worship, an accomplished public speaker, and has a specialist knowledge of both music and ceremonial, allowing him to create the perfect blend of words, actions, and music for the occasion.

His approach to the funeral service is generally reflective and traditional, but is also flexible enough to create ceremonies which are highly personal to those involved.

A master of detail, Andrew’s instinct is generally that, where an important occasion like a funeral is concerned, more is more: there’s no reason why a service in a crematorium or cemetery shouldn’t be just as meaningful, in its own way, as the grandest funeral in a cathedral. Nothing is too much effort when saying goodbye to a special person.

A member of the Prayer Book Society who is ordained in the Anglican tradition, Andrew is happy to lead the most traditional of funerals; at the other end of the spectrum, he is pleased to offer totally customised ceremonies with very little religious content.

Whatever style of funeral you choose, Andrew has vast resources at his disposal to help you find the right blend of words and music to commemorate your loved one as they, and you, would wish. He is able to take funerals in any appropriate venue, including cemeteries, crematoria, natural or woodland burial sites, private land, and parish churches (by permission of the appropriate authorities).

In practice, the possibilities are endless, so please do contact Andrew for guidance about the specifics. You’ll find him friendly, flexible, and pastoral in his approach. You may also find his FAQs page helpful in the first instance.